Eteck as heat supplier

Why Eteck?

You want a pleasant indoor climate, all year round. Eteck provides renewable heating and cooling to homes and buildings in the Netherlands. Also to your home.

The project developer, housing corporation, homeowner association or municipality has chosen Eteck as the heat supplier for your home. Eteck has invested in the installation of a sustainable heating system. When you move into your home, you enter into a supply contract with Eteck, so you can live in your house comfortably. And without even noticing it, you will be contributing to a better future!

By choosing a home Eteck supplies to, you contribute to a better future!
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All about the supply to your home

Curious about how we supply heating to your home? Via MijnEteck (Dutch) and the Eteck App you have access to all information about the heating system in your home. All details can be found on the information chart!

Sign up with Eteck

Have you recently moved into a home or are you soon moving into a home where Eteck is the heat supplier? Please get in touch with us!

Can I choose for Eteck?

We supply renewable heat to larger groups of customers. Not individually, but especially collectively we can make a difference. You can choose to move into a home Eteck provides heating to.