How you pay

About your monthly rate and annual statement

Every month you pay for the heat we supply to you. We charge this amount in advance for the coming month. You can pay this invoice by direct debit or by a manual bank transfer. Avoid extra costs and make your manual payment before the end of the month.

Easy pay with direct debit

Want to make your payments hassle-free? Request a direct debit! We will then automatically withdraw the monthly amount around the 27th of each month. Without you having to worry about it. Of course, you are still in charge of your payments and the advance amount via MijnEteck (Dutch) or the Eteck App. Here you can adjust your monthly amount, view invoices and check the status of payments.

Meter readings and consumption

If your bill also shows variable charges, this means that the building or house you live in is equipped with a meter. This meter registers the heat, cooling and/or hot tap water you use. We periodically read the actual.

Annual statement

In the first six weeks of the year, you will receive the annual statement for the previous year. Based on the meter readings, we determine your actual energy consumption and the final costs (note: this does not apply to all Eteck end users). Have you lived sustainably and used less than you paid for? In that case you will be refunded the difference. Did you use more than expected? Then you pay the difference.

Based on your consumption of the previous year, a new advance amount will be calculated and set. You can find this new advance amount on the annual statement. The recommended advance amount is based on your actual consumption and takes tariff changes into account. We expect that the recommended advance amount will be sufficient. However, we cannot guarantee this. Should you, despite our advice, wish to adjust the advance amount, this can be done at any time via MijnEteck (Dutch) or the Eteck app (if applicable to you).