What we provide

Hot tap water

Supply of heat for hot tap water (per m³)

These are the costs for heating cold tap water in order to produce hot tap water. A separate hot water meter is often used to measure the consumption.

Supply of cold tap water

In some cases we also supply the cold tap water. We purchase this water from the water company in your region. The costs are charged one-to-one. In other words, you won’t be charged any additional costs.

Surcharge higher hot water class

This is a surcharge based on the comfort class for hot tap water (CW class). The standard class is CW-4. If your hot water connection has a higher CW class (for example CW-5 or CW-6), you will pay a surcharge for this.

Online insight into charges

Our tariffs are determined at the start of a project in consultation with the project developer, contractor or housing association. Our tariffs are adjusted annually and of course they are always in line with the applicable laws and regulations. You will find your rates on the tariff sheets in MijnEteck (Dutch) and in the Eteck App. The tariff sheets also state how the tariff sheets are indexed.

Aren’t you using MijnEteck (Dutch) or the Eteck App yet? The online customer portal and the app not only provide insight into rates, but also give you access to your invoices and the status of payments, no matter where you are. You can also report malfunctions 24/7, notify us if you are moving and change your details.