What we provide

Comfortable heat

Through our heat network we supply heat to homes in various ways. We work with a variety of techniques. The chosen technology varies, depending on the apartment complex or district.

Your heating system

The type of heating system we use for your home depends on the space available, the condition of the soil in your district and the (development) plans in the area. Are you connected to our heat network and would you like to know what technology we use for your home? View the information chart on MijnEteck (Dutch).

The information chart also shows which part of the system belongs to us and which part of the system belongs to you or your landlord. We maintain our part of the system and ensure timely replacements and repairs.

Heat supply via Eteck

Standing charges

Our tariff is made up of two types of charges: fixed standing charges and variable (unit) charges. Standing charges apply to practically all homes and companies Eteck supplies to. They are independent of your use and you pay them every month, regardless of whether you use the heat or not. Also when you are on holiday or when a property is unoccupied. Depending on your situation, your invoice will contain the following items:

  • Heat connection
    The fixed costs of services such as the transport of heat and the management and maintenance of the heat network and the heating connection in your home or business premises.
  • Meter fee
    The fixed costs for using the meter and for measuring your consumption.
  • Heat interface unit
    The fixed costs for the component in your home or business premises that is required to safely transfer the supplied heat to the system indoors. This may be a heat pump or a connection or heat interface unit.

Variable charges

Variable charges are what you pay for the use of heat and do not apply to all homes and businesses. The amount of heat delivered to you is measured in gigajoules (GJ). Depending on what applies to you, your invoice will contain the following items:

  • Delivery of space heating
    These are the costs of the gigajoules you use to heat your home.

Online insight into charges

Our tariffs are determined at the start of a project in consultation with the project developer, contractor or housing association. Our tariffs are adjusted annually and of course they are always in line with the applicable laws and regulations. You will find your rates on the tariff sheets in MijnEteck (Dutch) and in the Eteck App. The tariff sheets also state how the tariff sheets are indexed.

Aren’t you using MijnEteck (Dutch) or the Eteck App yet? The online customer portal and the app not only provide insight into rates, but also give you access to your invoices and the status of payments, no matter where you are. You can also report malfunctions 24/7, notify us if you are moving and change your details.