Welcome to Eteck, supplier
of sustainable energy

Welcome to Eteck, supplier
of sustainable energy

Eteck Energie Bedrijven B.V. is located in Waddinxveen. The company originated from the Hague family company Van Eck, which was founded in 1895. Eteck operates sustainable, collective, decentralised installations that supply heat and cooling. 

Our financers:

Triodos Bank

With a fast-growing and ambitious team, we are working towards a sustainable future. At the moment, Eteck oversees more than 200 projects in home construction, utilities and retail, with in total almost 35,000 (home equivalent) connections. Aside from working on long-term energy projects, Eteck is also active in the development and technical realisation of heating and cooling installations.

The Eteck organisation is made up of:

  • Development

    Development of new heat projects and acquisition of existing projects and portfolio’s

  • Financing

    Eteck has access to significant capital to invest in its envisaged growth

  • Asset management

    Maintaining, managing, optimizing and recovering heat projects

  • Customer Care

    Providing full-service via MijnEteck and our customer contact centre

“Due to the fact that Eteck oversees the entire chain
from development, installation, and financing to
customer affairs
, it distinguishes itself from
comparable companies.”


Our vision on the future of heating.